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Paving the Way Beyond Gender Stereotypes | Launch Video Filming

Updated: May 31

Gender stereotypes are insidious societal norms that have persisted for far too long, limiting opportunities and stifling human potential. The "Pave the Way" initiative is taking a bold stand against these harmful preconceived notions about masculinity and femininity. By raising awareness of how deeply ingrained gender stereotypes impact our daily lives, they are driving a powerful movement for positive social change.

Blonde girl with plaited hair putting on a fire resistant uniform at a fire station
Flis Getting ready to fight a fire

Stacey Copeland is one of the best people. Ever We are so lucky to be able to work with her but also to call her our friend
A couple of things I also love, boxing and football. Stacey represented England in both. So she was already a hero in our eyes before we even met her when we interviewed her for Game On - The Unstoppable Rise of Women's Sport But Stacey is so much more than an athlete. I still get as emotional today as I did the day we first met Stacey when I think of all of the female athletes who get to step into a ring or walk out onto a football field because of people like her. People who had to deal with the haters, silence the critics and, for example, not even get a belt when they become the first British female commonwealth champion because they don't have one for women

Young girl in burka doing a spinning taekwondo kick
Ikrah doing a spinning kick

If that was me, I'd be livid. To represent my country in two sports and get no recognition for it while the athletes of today drive around in their fancy cars! Not Stacey, she's just happy to help. Happy to Pave The Way

We were tasked with shooting the launch video for Stacey's charity, Pave The Way As soon as we knew Stacey involved, we knew it would align with our ethos and anticipated the first zoom meeting to talk through the project

Young girl smashing a cricket ball with a cricket bat
That one was definitely a 6
Upon hearing about the charity our previous estimations were indeed true and some. We get to go to a sick venue, Graystone Skatepark, film a load of people being their most authentic selves and help promote a charity that we 100% believe in. All the wins

male dancer doing an aerial manoeuvre caught upside down in there air
Tom upside down

Stacey's vision was to get a load of boys and girls doing their thing. And do their thing they did! We had Thomas doing flips in his dance, Ruma doing flips on her bike and some incredible Taekwondo moves being busted out, sadly no flips. It was a filmmakers dream. I don’t care how old you are it’s always cool to get to sit in fire engine too. Going behind the scenes at a firestation being one of the highlights for me certainly. Neenaw neenaw
The whole concept was to have Stacey talking about the charity, it’s ethos and ambitions, all with our boys and girls being awesome over the top. Simple but effective. It also helps the visuals along when you have a fearless 6 year old girl doing a backflip on a BMX!

Young girl pulling here BMX helmet on at a skate park
Runa the 7 year old stole the show by doing a full backflip
We had such a blast filming this one and the reception of the launch video has been amazing so far

Pave The Way do workshops in schools, presentations in business and can be followed on instagram here We wish the charity the best of luck going forward and can’t wait to see them in action in the future 
Much love


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