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When you take a dancer to a London Rooftop - Social Content

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

I’ve always loved working with Peter Bromfield since the Fella days. Pete was the frontman of a brilliant indie ska band. His creative ideas and willingness to make them a reality were always incredibly inspiring

When he called to ask if we wanted to shoot a street dancer on the top of a london rooftop with a load of smoke grenades, jack and I were more than happy to oblige. We would be colaborating with Pete filming social content for the company he works for HyperX We talked it though and the idea was to have Ida freestyle dancing in a few locations with red green and blue smoke around here, signifying the three colours that make up a video signal

We have shot a LOT of Social content in London, but rarely of dancers and rarely on rooftops with such fantastic views!

girl dancing oon a rooftop with smoke grenades
ida dancing on the london rooftop

The location has some really cool spots in it. One particular favourite was a huge open room with pillars throughout which served as a great way to frame our gimbal shots in the section where Ida performed her dancing and contortions without the smoke.

girl with smoke grenade
dancer with red smoke grenade

The weather held off for us and it was time to head out to the rooftops to get some smoke grenade shots

Peter is a fantastic director and he is great at making his visions become a reality. We mostly took care of the moving shots and Peter took to the camera to get the handheld shots. I think the mixture worked out perfectly in the wonderful Edit that he put together

This was a marketing video for HYPERX (link) which we had a storyboard to work to, but for to the nature of it e we had quite a lot of freedom to film how we liked and the flowing freestyle nature of Ida’s dancing and our filming is what makes this video really stand out

Tech bit. We used Sony a7s3’s and an a6400 on a gimbal due to its great autofocus capabilities. We also had two Litepanels Gemini’s on board to help kick in some extra light where needed. It was incredibly handy to have those on battery power too as we didn’t have electricity on some parts of the building

Thank you to our friends over at Litepanels and Anton Bauer for lending us the kit ! You can see it in action in this behind the scenes video

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